online school or homeschool for pre-school

How was your day? It’s a Saturday and today I scheduled few things to do at home. My kids would want to go to their grandma’s house to ride bicycle. I brought their bicycles there as we just moved in here in our new house, plus the road there is much bigger.

Yesterday was a busy day for me, first because of the major cleaning that I did in our house. As I have two cats, furs are everywhere and extensive vacuuming is a must. Second is because my mind is busy contemplating about my youngest daughter’s schooling. She is just 4 years old but here in the Philippines kids tend to start young in their studies. I was thinking if I will homeschool her or continue in online learning.

August last year, I was excited to teach my youngest about ABCs, counting, color recognitions, etc. However, as she is very comfortable with me, she was saying that she is always tired. She was not really into it because of boredom. And she could just tell me that she really didn’t like to study.

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So, I ended up looking for a learning center online for kids of her age. It was good that I saw this online learning center and I got really excited about it. My daughter was so happy too knowing that she will in “school”. She was so thrilled to see fellow kids learning with her.

During one of her activities in school

It was a good start actually to her. However, as the lessons progress, she was not able to cope up with the pace. I am not sure what was the objective of the teacher, was it to finish the curriculum or for the children to learn truthfully. I mentioned truthfully because, there are a lot of instances when I coached my daughter during discussions. The teacher would not continue if my daughter will not answer.

So the lessons was progressing but my daughter’s learning is stuck. On the latter part of the lessons, she was just enjoying the activities, singing, dancing, however when it comes to the lesson itself, she was not paying attention anymore. Plus, I just saw the lessons on next week, and it is really mind boggling and so unexplainable why it has to be taught to a 4-year-old. The lessons are addition and subtraction.


Good thing about this learning center, I could withdraw from it.. I had some white lies why, but I still told them that it was very difficult to be do online schooling for pre-schoolers. I did have some comments about the pace. I mean, I commend the teacher for being patient but it is really difficult.

And due to these predicaments, I am thinking of teaching again my youngest daughter. Now, I know the sequence of how she will be attentive. I will see to it that she will genuinely learn. I will be starting this on July. I will let my daughter enjoy her little vacation first.

I know I will be homeschooling two kids on the next school year. This is another challenge for me. I need to do a lot research how some mothers do it.

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