Music therapy

Loads of work, being exhausted, missing husband, homeschooling, and a lot more sometimes make me burnt out. I remembered before somebody asked me, how I was managing my kids, homeschooling, home making and online business. It was actually a tough question because I really cannot manage it.

I have plans today of buying groceries, however, I started to assemble the tables that we bought for our room. I assembled three tables. Aside from that, my youngest had online school, I cooked, washed the dishes, watered the plants, attended to my youngest’s needs and a lot more. All of these, I was doing with the music on, well except when my youngest was attending the online school.

I got fascinated with the the new song of BTS, a South Korean boy band that started last 2010. The new song is Butter and it is an upbeat song. Just like their song Dynamite, the choreography of Butter is really good, as in over the top. The song Butter, has a little taste of Bruno Mars and the beat somehow has a similarity to the song of Queen, (Another One Bites the Dust). It’s inspiring to hear and I forget my tiredness. I just keep on going.

If you want to hear and see the music video of Butter, you may want to check out this youtube video that I saw.

Butter Official Music Video

Currently has over 232 million views. Wow!!!

I just love to hear good music whenever I am working. Even, when I was working in the office, I usually have an earphone and listen to music. My mind and body function well whenever I got music as background.

I also love to hear Christian songs also as an inspiration. My husband avail the premium of spotify for us to enjoy the playlist without any ads.

How about you? What music are you listening lately?

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