stay at home mom self care

I was working full time until 2019 and my time with children was very limited. I have a full time nanny who took care of my children when I was at work. I used to check on my children through the CCTV camera and I saw the nanny was watching series from 1 to 5 in the afternoon. So I had this perception that staying at home with my children would be an easy breezy job.

Not until my husband and I decided for me to stop working and stay at home with my children here in the Philippines. It was so exciting at first, for the longest time I would be waking up in the morning without an alarm. However, it did not last long because my daughter needed to go to school. Then the reality just shocked me.

Being a person who needs output, I would always want to have something to accomplish in a day. I felt the need of always cleaning the house, cooking delicious meals, being hands on with my children, doing more and more stuffs at home… However, I did not know that there are still a lot of things to do.. That the whole day is not enough to accomplish all the things that I wanted to do. I felt exhausted.

I needed to pause and think of how to take care of myself mentally because stress is my ultimate enemy.

Let’s accept that the work at home is never ending. This goes to stay at home mom like me, who always think of finishing all the tasks at home.

Self-care is very important. We could not function well if we don’t feel good about ourselves. We would not be the caring mom that we wanted for our children, if we neglect taking care of ourselves.

Let me share with you the things that I do everyday to make me feel good about myself.

  • Having a morning routine – I see to it that I wake up earlier than my kids. While they are sleeping, I do my morning routine.. Wash my face and brush teeth. Watering the plants (even talking to them). Drinking coffee while eating a delicious sandwich. Then read the Bible and saying a little prayer for the day. This starts my day right. My kids would see that my mornings are good, and so they will have a good morning too.
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  • Playing my favorite playlist in spotify – While cleaning the house, cooking meals or washing the dishes, I always listen to my favorite playlists in spotify. My kids even know the songs that I usually listen. This boosts my mood during the day.
  • Bathing well – I spend 15 minutes in the bathroom ensuring that I am bathing well using my favorite products.
  • Napping – My kids don’t like to nap. And so, when they knew that I will be napping, they will just get out of the room.. because they know that I will ask them to nap with me. Haha.. I usually have a power nap at 2 in the afternoon. After that, I can have some time with my kids already not being cranky. Haha.
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  • Blogging – I love writing and expressing myself and so I consider this as a self care. Being able to do what I love and sharing thoughts with people.
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I thought I would not have time on taking care of myself but I think because we are our own boss at home, we could just have a time out once in a while. We need to discipline our kids also, telling them that we can get tired too. They could help us. They are willing.

By the way, this is my second of blogging and I reached 500 views today. I am so happy reaching out with others. I also got 14 followers as of the moment. Thank you for following. I hope I am entertaining you with my posts.

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