mirror collage in 7 easy steps

My project last week is a mirror collage. I got the idea on a facebook group that I joined called Home Buddies. Most of the members here are Filipinos who are enthusiasts of home improvement. Since, we just moved in here in our new house, I got really interested on the ideas that are shared in that group.

One of the projects that I got from that group is the mirror collage. I really loved that idea because the mirrors that they used are so cheap and the installation is quite simple but tricky.

The photo is a little blurred, but this is the area where I wanted to put the mirror collage.

There is this buy 1 take 1 mirrors in a furniture store that is only 380 pesos (more or less $8) only. So I bought 6 pcs to put on that wall.

It now turned into this.

So today, I will be guiding you on how I installed these mirrors. Looks simple though but it is somehow tricky.

So here are the things that you need for the installation.

  • A meter tape
  • A level bar
  • A pencil
  • Construction Adhesive and Cartridge Gun
This is the construction adhesive that I used.
  • An electric fan

How to do it?

  1. Measure the width of the wall. Then, divide it to two and put a mark in the middle. In my case, the measurement is 100cm, and so the mark is on the 50cm.
  2. Measure the width of the mirror. Then, draw a line from the middle of the wall, with the width of the mirror. In my case, the width of the mirror is 33cm and so I draw a line 33cm from center to left and 33cm from center to right.
  3. Use a level bar to make sure that the lines are straight. To know that it is straight the level bar bubble should be in the middle (just like the photo below).
Sample of the a table that is on level.

4. Check if there are hooks at the back of the mirror. Remove if there is any.

5. Apply the construction adhesive using the cartridge gun at the back of the mirror. Be sure not to put a lot on the sides but put more on the middle part. Reason why you should not put more on the side is because it might overflow when you stick the mirror on the wall.

6. Place the first mirror on the middle part of the line. Before doing that be sure to turn on the electric fan, facing the back of the mirror you are about to install. You should hold still the mirror, maybe around 5 minutes to ensure that it is already stuck on the wall.

7. Do method no. 6 on the rest of the mirrors.

I used electric fan because I did this alone. You could also use blower if you have someone to help you hold the mirror.

If you are in the Philippines, you could check these mirrors in SM department store and All Homes. Enjoy!

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