My father’s birthday

Since I started blogging, I always want to write something everyday because writing is really what I love to do. However, because of my dear father’s birthday, I need to postpone my writing yesterday. It was a simple celebration of us, his children and grand children.

My father cooked his favorite dish, (you might be surprised) it is chicken feet with coconut milk. Sounds not delicious huh, but I tell you, it is superb. He puts a lot of spices like garlic, ginger and chili. He cooked it for 2 hours. Then I cooked air fried pork, I marinated those with salt, pepper and lots of garlic. We had cake and pizza too on dinner.

I need to pause from writing yesterday because my father’s birthday is just once a year and it needs to be celebrated.

My father did not leave me, especially when I needed him most. As I have mentioned on my previous posts, I went back to Philippines because of work, I had panic attacks. When I came back here in the Philippines, my father is the first person who understood me completely. I knew it because he experienced working so hard and he just knew what I felt that time. But he is always like that, he always finds a way to understand his children, in a different perspective. People might have different opinion about us, but he will understand us.

Few months after I arrived here in the Philippines, I just found out that I was betrayed by someone who is very very close to me. The heartache is excruciating, I don’t know what to do and why it happened. I got scared to trust people. My father never left me. He protected me. He knew I was vulnerable that time, that I would give in to the person who betrayed me, but he just protected me. I am so thankful for his care and love for us, his children.

Everything is doing well with our family now. By God’s grace, we are fine and our health is okay. I am thankful that God gave us a father who is always there for us. He who gives time for us, when we needed him. I mean, my father has his weaknesses, but we all do have these.

So last night after dinner, we had few shots of beer and some chips while singing our hearts out. My father loves it when he sees his children enjoying. It was fun to be spending time with family once in a while.

Blowing his cake

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