things that stay-at-home moms do everyday

Aside from homeschooling and my every week project at home, there are things that every stay-at-home moms do everyday. I am speaking about the majority of the moms. I never thought that being a mom is a never ending job, 24/7 of alertness and tasks. Some of people who are working are having this perspective that stay at home moms are not busy and they have all the time in the world.

I think this is true when kids go to normal school, I mean not online schooling. At least moms can manage their time well. But nowadays, it is not the same and different approach is needed.

Here are some of the things that stay at home moms do everyday.

  • Preparing food – During normal school, we usually prepare food for breakfast then when kids are at school, we don’t prepare the food for lunch, we just eat the breakfast food. Though I must admit, this is my favorite task at home.
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  • Washing dishes – My husband usually do the washing of dishes, but since he is overseas, I need to do it after meal. I usually do this with radio on. Surprisingly, I also consider this as a “me” time.
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  • Bathing my toddler – Since my youngest is still young, I am still in charge on her hygiene. I bath her twice a day because it is really hot here in the Philippines and they are already use to this routine.
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  • Watering the plants – I do water the plants twice a day. I think plants need more water nowadays because of the weather. At night, I could see how dry the soil is and how my plants desperately need water.
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  • Cleaning the house – I feel like it is less stressful when the house is in order. I do sweep the floor everyday. Mopping it every other two days. Making the bed is my daughters’ task. I believe this is a way of disciplining my kids. My youngest cannot sleep when her toys are messy. So she really cleans up before sleeping.
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  • Tucking kids to sleep – There are two reasons why I am doing this. First, it is way of being closer to them. This is one of our routines that I think they will remember when they grow old. Children don’t remember much when they are already old, but the routines and traditions are the ones that they usually remember. The second reason is, when they are asleep, I can do whatever I want to do. Haha..

Weekly tasks and weekly projects are not included here. I usually have a project in a week because I feel fulfilled accomplishing something unique aside from the daily house works that I do.

I will be sharing to you some of the projects that I did in my next blogs. See you!

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