As we moved from Singapore to the Philippines, there are some vaccines that are required here that are optional in Singapore. And so, we needed to catch up with their vaccines here in the Philippines.

Why is it important to be vaccinated? Covid-19 is a deadly virus that (should I say) most of us are scared of. March 2020 was the time when the Philippines implemented a total lockdown. Everyone was scared because of what was exposed on some of the parts of the world, like China and Italy and also to the number of deaths that Philippines have. People were so cautious on their every encounter with other people. It was heartbreaking too in my part as this is the only time that I was separated with my husband for the longest time.

Vaccination here in the Philippines for Covid-19 has a very slow progress, to the point where I am not expecting too much already. I admire those countries where their government prioritizes their people on the vaccination.

I have just read that some of the countries that had the most number of people who were vaccinated experienced a hike on the Covid-19 cases. Why? I believe that people have faith on the vaccine that was given to them and so they enjoyed the freedom of being vaccinated. For me, this is one of the main reasons of the increase. However, will their sickness be critical or severe?

Here in the Philippines, why do some of the children who were given a chickenpox vaccine are still infected by chickenpox? Is the vaccine not effective?

Of course not! Vaccines are not given for us to be mutant but for us to fight on the virus that would come to our system. In this case, we will not be suffering severely because our body could withstand this virus.

The pediatrician discussed to me the effect of the vaccines that were given to my children this morning. She said that the vaccine also includes viruses that would fight the bad bacteria or viruses that would infect my children. They might experience some itchiness or fever within two weeks.

I mean, I am not a doctor or a medical person but I believe that these vaccines are studied and concluded by experts, hence we should believe in it.

My daughters this morning during their visit to their pediatrician. They are wearing masks and faceshields to protect themselves.

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