How was your weekend? I was busy last weekend, meeting my sister-in-law, bought a couch and some stuffs for our house. We also got our new kitten from my sister-in-law’s cousin. My kids were very excited when they knew that the kitten can already be released last Saturday.

When we were young, my father used to adopt a lot of cats and those became our toys. My father loves animals and he was the one who took care of them. I was not really hands on in terms of taking care of them. There are cats at home and so we have to live with it.

However, I became fascinated with cats, with good breeds, just last year. It was when my sister-in-law brought her new cat at home. The cat is so adorable and cuddly. Her cat is a mix breed of persian and munchkin. At that moment, my daughters fell in love with cats. I told it to my husband, and being a very generous father, he asked me to look for a cat for sale.

This is Grey. My sister-in-law’s cat.

With a great surprise, cats here in the Philippines are very saleable and many people love to take care of cats. So, I searched carefully on where to buy our first cat with a different breed.

We ended up having a pure persian cat. We named him Blue because of his blue eyes. Oh my, when we first saw him, we were mesmerized. All the attention were with Blue. Haha.

This was Blue when he arrived at home. He was quite scared that time.

Now, Blue is already a 6 month old cat and he always wants to go outside and be sociable with stray cats. I was scared before that he might get lost, but to my surprise he always comes back.

Here is Blue now. The man in house.

I just want to share with you my thoughts why you should have a cat a home. I mean being a stay-at-home mom, what could be the advantages of having a cat as a pet.

  • Easy to take care – Cats are easy to take care. I mean, I could just give then cat foods, cook squash, chicken, fishes and they are okay with it. They know where to poop and pee. They have this litter box, where they will do that.

Though they said that cats are aquaphobia, they have good hygiene. Blue is very conscious on his cleanliness. Whenever, he will be cuddled for a long time, you could just see him, cleaning himself for a long time. We bath him occasionally, but usually I use wet wipes to clean him.

  • House will not be smelly – Yes, because the litter sand sometimes has flavored smell. Even if they poop, it will not be smelly at home.
  • They are very sweet – If you feel tired or overwhelmed with the loads of work at home. I mean, aside from cuddling your kids, you could also turn your attention to your cute little cats. They are very cuddly and sweet. Am not sure, but maybe they know if you are down and need cuddles.
  • Good toddler-sitter – Our kids nowadays are all at home, together with us 24/7. And so, during those times when I am busy (like now), my daughter will play with our cats. Our new kitten is upstairs with my youngest daughter now, playing blocks with her.

During the time when there was a typhoon here in the Philippines, my cat was the one who somehow, pushed our anxieties away.

Blue is really close to my eldest daughter. They are the ones who are always together. Blue always sleeps beside her (during naps only). My eldest daughter is so protective of Blue and she is the one who bath him.

  • Good Training for Kids to be responsible – Being able to take care another living thing is somehow a huge responsiblity. And so, I can see how my kids are becoming responsible on taking care of our pets. I think this could have a huge impact on how their lives.

I hope you could consider having cats too. We used to have a dog but being busy at home, I could not have time for our dog. Cat is a very option for a pet.

I will be updating you about our new kitten. She is also a persian cat. She is very playful at the moment. We needed to give her more time with Blue because Blue is somehow jealous of the attention we are giving her. By the way, our new kitten’s name is Pink.

Meet Pink

See you on my blog.

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