online selling

I am quite busy today, not only because of my tasks at home but also with online selling. I started online selling, year 2010 but again needed to stop as I need to work overseas.

Since I am again here at home, though the tasks of homemaking are never ending, I still find time to do online selling. Early 2020, online selling here in the Philippines was really great. I had a blast with live selling and selling online. However, pandemic came and the struggle is real on selling stuffs.

January 2020 was when I started the facebook page for my business and it did great, I do live selling in another platform, not on facebook but on Shopee. However, since I am alone, it became very hard for me. I needed to pause a bit. I really wanted this but I cannot be that active since I am busy here at home.

I just finished my live selling today, as it is payday here in the Philippines. I am selling kids wear and there are only few who watched. I was tired already and so I just ended it. I am thinking of other ways to sell where I will not be that tired, like taking photos and post. I need to do a lot of boosting though.

I am still optimistic about it, I mean, I always have sales in a week. Though it is really minimal but at least I have something. I am seeing this as a stepping stone, as eventually everything will be back to normal and my business is already here just waiting. My dream is to have a store for kids, be it dresses, toys or anything that kids love and need. Still praying for things to be okay and my dreams to come true.

I had a screen shot of my facebook business page. Those are some stuffs that I am selling. Keeping my faith that everything will be back to normal and businesses will again prosper.

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