As I have mentioned on my previous blog, I have been planting for almost three months now and I am still learning about this hobby. I agree with what other people say that having plants is really a stress reliever. When I am watering our plants, I feel like I am in another dimension, outside of our house having connections with the plants. They are like my pets, I sometimes communicate with them.

Aside from water, I would want to feed my plants some natural nourishments. I searched for fertilizers that are available here at home so that it would be easier for me to feed them. And here are the three plant fertilizers that I use that are available here at home.

  • Egg Shells – When I was young, I noticed some of the orchids of my grandparents have eggshells on top of the soil. Of course, during those time, I really don’t mind it but it stuck in my mind and I searched why my grandparents put eggshells on their plants. And so I learned that plants need calcium and they can get it from eggshells. They said it can also keep some pests out. When you put crushed eggshells on the soil, slimy pests would not dare crawl there.

So, I washed these eggshells, dried it and crushed using a food processor. I put it in loam soil then used the soil when I repotted my plants. I will show you my indoor plants where I put the eggshells in my other posts.

  • Rice water – So, rice is a staple food for us, Filipinos and I learnt that the water that is used to clean the rice is very nutritious for the plants. The starches from the water are helpful for the growth of the plants. I use this often to my indoor plants and some plants that I think are not blooming. I made a video on facebook on how I use the rice water as extra food for my plants.
  • Vetsin – Monosodium Glutamate. My sister told me about my grandfather using vetsin in his plants. He has a very beautiful garden, flowers that are well taken cared of. And so again, I searched why he needs to use it. Then, I learnt that sodium is needed by plants to enhance growth.

I put 1 teaspoon of vetsin to a pale of water, then pour it in my vegetable plants and roses. I usually do this, twice a week for my plants. I can see how my plants grow and bloom.

I read that hydrogen peroxide is also good for plants. I haven’t used that yet as I am a little hesitant about it. Let me try it for a few times, then I will update you on improvements of my plants.

The day is about to end here in the Philippines. Good night everyone and see you on my next post.


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