Safety at home

I supposedly have a different topic to share with you today however something happened here at home that I feel the need to share. This has something to do with safety at home.

So, yesterday morning, I was in the mood to cook vegetables for my daughters. I turned on the stove and boil water. While I was doing that, I prepared the vegetables and began chopping the squash. Then suddently, I heard a loud boom, seemed like it was just inches away from me.

I asked my eldest daughter what it was, I thought the door was just banged by my youngest daughter but she said it was not the door. Then, I noticed the stove’s burners were lifted and the cabinet doors under the stove were opened.

Oh my, it then sinked into my mind that it is something serious. I immediately, unplugged the stove and closed the valve of the gas. I searched for the service technician’s number and immediately called them.

My daughter just cooked hotdogs before it happened. Thank God nothing happened to her.

And so the technician arrived this afternoon to take a look at what happened. He immediately noticed something that made the (should I say) explosion. There was leak on the pipe of the gas going to the stove. It was loosely connected. There was an accumulated gas inside the cabinet reason why it exploded. It was a little explosion though but could be bigger. The technician told me that yesterday, he went to a client whose legs where burnt (3rd degree burn) because of an explosion also. Apparently, the pipe was eaten by mice.

Our stove was not installed by the company’s technician. It was installed by our house contractor. The instructions of the installation is pretty easy and I myself could install it. However, the safeness or concern of the one who installed was not there. Reason why, it was just installed anyhow.

The stove’s technician saw a lot of loop holes in the installation. The regulator is a high pressure one. The gaskets are not properly installed. The connections are loose.

So, this is a lesson learnt on my part, to prioritize safety at home. Not to be complacent but to still check. There is no one but myself who could check loop holes here at home. I mean, though it is a simple installation but this is not like water connection, that would not entail huge danger.

I just want to share my lesson today about safety at home, especially housewives who are living alone with their children. My routine every night before going to bed are turning off the gas, unplugging the appliances, turning on lights outside and checking if windows and doors are closed.

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