my first blog post

I started blogging when I had my first maternity leave on the year 2010. It was a great experience knowing that I am sharing my thoughts and learnings to other fellow first time moms. When I went back to work, I became very busy joggling my job and my family life. And so, I was not able to update my blog more often.

So, I am now again blogging and the excitement is really enormous. This is also the first time that I stayed at home, 24/7 with my kids. I had to quit my job due to stress in which I had problems with my health already. This is another topic that I wanted to share with you too.

The title of my blog is “Maybahay ng OFW”, housewife of an Overseas Filipino Worker. We were residing in Singapore for almost 9 years before I became a housewife. My husband and I felt the need of us (my children and I) to go back to the Philippines, for me to be relaxed and to keep my mind away from work. My husband need to stay there in Singapore to work. While we were staying there, we bought some properties here in case we wanted to live here in the Philippines permanently.

And so, my journey of being a housewife of an OFW started June of 2019. I had the impression that the transition would be easy breezy. However, having this I-need-to-fix-everything mentality, something that I acquired while working for almost 2 decades, I became stressed again. The work at home is never ending, the ideas that I have in my mind overflowed. I am speaking for myself, but I was overwhelmed. Well, this was during my first year of being a housewife.

And because this is the first time after graduating from university that I have to depend financially to someone, I became stressed again. I tried different businesses, selling stuffs so that I could at least contribute. Though my husband can provide everything we need, but the call of my contribution is for myself to be relieved. I am not sure if you could relate to this, but it was a difficult phase of the transition. I want to share with you how I am dealing with this and how I would want to cope with it.

Last February, we moved to our new house and I am so excited to start a new journey. I know how to manage my time now and so I saw myself searching on how to start a blog. haha.. I have loads of things to share with you, please bear with me as I am not an expert, but I want to share with you my parenting styles, home improvement, recipes, gardening and a lot more. I just need to be honest but those that I mentioned are somehow new to me. I would love to learn these things and share my learnings. Maybe you could also give me some tips or comments along the way.

I will be sharing a lot for the next couple of days. I felt like I am my four year old daughter excited to receive her toys from a delivery man. I mean, I am so thrilled to be starting this blog and communicate with you.

See you on my next post.

8 Comments on “my first blog post

  1. Thanks for teaching me a couple new words — even though IDK which language the words are from! 😀

    🙂 Norbert


      • Thanks! 😀 Is there another name for Filipino language? Or is there another language commonly spoke in the Philippines?


      • Yea, I keep getting confused about that 😛 Maybe you should make a tagalogblog for people like me 😉 (haha, it has a nice ring, doesn’t it? I actually have a site named #ThingsUDoWhenUrADomainer )


      • Haha, that’s only a site (a location on the Internet) — not a blog. My main blog is … but I have several hundred blogs B-)


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