Plants Inside the House

First of all, I am not an expert in terms of plants. I don’t know the names of my plants inside our house. However, I know that these plants are meant to be inside.

I always like plants. Having plants inside the house was one of my frustrations before as I was still working and I really don’t have time to take care of those. My job before pushed me to work overtime and so some of the things that I wanted to do became just a dream.. Now, I am living those dreams. I feel so blessed.

I really don’t have any idea on how to take care of plants. I just knew that I have to water them and expose them to sunlight, then finished. I did not know that I also have to converse to them, know when they need to be watered, know when they are exposed too much to the sunlight.

I am writing this blog because I am so happy that I was able to buy one of my dream plants.. the rubber tree. It is quite expensive here in the Philippines (well for me!). I am a practical person, if the price is not a great deal, I would not buy it. Today is different, I was able to buy it based on my target price. Haha.. Rubber tree was said to be indoor plants. I read that it helps to clean the indoor air from pollutants.

I cannot show you the rubber tree now as I haven’t put it in the pot. It’s raining hard here today.

I remembered when my cousins were here last month, they were telling me that there are plants anywhere inside our house.

Let me show you some of the plants that I have inside our house.

Those are the plants in the first floor. We also have some plants in the second and also in all the toilets.

Compared to other houses, I think my plants are still not that much. Though, I always wanted this, I am still a newbie. If I feel like I need to cheer up, I will go to a plant store and buy a small plant.

In my future blogs, I would also like to share with you some tips (based on my experience and readings) on how to take care of indoor plants.

My Happy 5-Year-Old Daughter

I always hear my husband that my children are very lucky to have me with them. I am always there for them but now that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I am physically with them. I always feel happy when my husband acknowledges my presence with my children.

I know for a fact that time flies so fast. I still remember vividly the times when I was still pregnant with my daughters, but now here they are a 12-year-old pre-teen lady and a 5-year-old one, I wanted them to remember that their parents did their best for them to have a good childhood. We wanted them to be comfortable at home so that they would not seek for any other things outside our home.

Unlike my eldest daughter (I was still working before), I am so hands-on with my youngest. I cook for her, bath her, teach her, etc. I am with her 24/7. I can hear her saying “mama” for over a million times a day. I am enjoying it.

I, sometimes, am very busy with the household chores but I see to it that I could have time to still play with her.

I could say that she is an extrovert person reason why she always wanted to go outside. She would greet every child she sees. We often stroll around the village in the afternoon.

The other day, while we were walking around the village, we noticed that there is a basketball tournament in our subdivision. My daughter was very eager to watch. We did not know whom to cheer for, but she enjoyed watching it.

It’s good that my daughter discovers things with me.

Playing with her is another interesting activity. I can see how creative she is and happy to be playing with me. The gap between my eldest and youngest is 7 years, and so they are not much into playing together.

I always cook for my children. Amongst the dishes that I am cooking, they have their favorites already. At least they will remember their mom to be cooking their favorite dishes. My youngest daughter loves sinigang (this is a tamarind soup with pork and vegetables) and spaghetti with tomato sauce (Filipino style). I love it when I see them so excited to be eating meal.

I can say that my children have a happy childhood. My husband though far from them is always there.. only a video call away. Now that the pandemic eased, my husband will be able to come home more often.

Out and About After Philippine Election 2022

Life must go on.. We still need to live and continue.

Last night, I checked our groceries if it still sufficient for my children. My eldest daughter loves to drink milk and my youngest would always want to eat something. I just noticed that my daughter already finished the milk. I decided to go to the grocery store today. I asked my youngest daughter to come with me.

We were just planning to buy few stuffs and so I planned to go to a not-so-big grocery store nearby. My husband said it is better to buy more groceries already as the payday here in the Philippines is always on the 15th of the month. If I will do that next week, there might be many people in the grocery store.

I followed my husband. My daughter and I ended up going to a much bigger grocery store which is quite far from our place.

While driving, I noticed the price of the unleaded gasoline.. That is the highest that I have seen in my entire life, 79 pesos (~USD 1.51). Oh.. I can’t imagine how other people could survive going to and fro their houses with this price.

I seldom go out because I really would like to spend time at home and also because of the fuel price.

My youngest child was so happy to be spending the day with me in the grocery store. We arrived there at 11 in the morning. Although she ate heavy breakfast, when she saw the pizza, she told me to eat first before we buy the groceries.

She ate 1 big slice of cheese pizza and fries. It was her first time to dip the fries unto mayonnaise with catsup. She finished eating after an hour.. Haha.. Then we started to buy groceries.

I felt so blessed to be able to buy my children’s needs and wants. If not with my husband’s job and hard work, we will not be able to afford what we are having now. I might be working again and let my children be taken cared of by nannies.

We have just started to buy groceries in the picture. One thing about my daughters, they are not asking for many things inside the grocery stores. They are very particular on what they are going to buy. I am not telling them to be mindful of the price but they are really concern if the item is expensive.

I don’t know what will happen in the future here in the Philippines. I pray and hope that everything will be well. People will be able to start again after this pandemic. Our next president will lead us to a better future.

Moving On..

I am writing this as a way of telling myself to move on after this election. I was never this moved on my entire life by Philippine politics. The one that I voted did not win. I was rooting for her.

I guess, in the Philippines, a candidate wins not because of his track record, his intelligence (on how he presents his platforms) or his sincerity, but because of the surname, popularity and correct strategies during the campaign.

I prayed to God that His will be done. I suppose it is what it is.

Time to move on..

Life is not stopping. Clock is still ticking. Stomach still needs foods.

What else can we do but to move on.

Philippines National Election 2022

I cannot recall when was the last time I voted for the president or vice president of our country. During elections I was always outside the Philippines and really did not have a chance to exercise my right to vote.

Since I am already here in the Philippines and I could sense the need of voting for the betterment of our country, I really worked on the registration. Few months after we moved here in our new home, I went to our local government office to register.

Election here in the Philippines is always interesting. This year became more engaging because of the candidates. I would not discuss further whom I voted but I voted for the people who have good track records and had proven actions towards the people of the Philippines.

I never thought that voting would be very smooth.. The queue was expected to be long but systematically, it was okay.

The Commission on Election had this precinct finder where we could locate the exact place where we would vote. I checked all the precinct locations of my parents and siblings and sent the snapshot to them.

I came alone in the voting area.. there are many people there. The queue was quite long. People were very excited to vote. No one talks about their candidates. Maybe to avoid any arguments or fights. That was good, at least it was peaceful.

I was standing next to a lady whom I presumed was on her early 30’s. She looked so uneasy when we were on the queue. I thought on some point that she was pregnant. Her husband told her, that she should just tell the person-on-duty that she is pregnant. I asked her, and she said she is not.

The queue is long and we were there for an hour or so. All of a sudden the lady told me that she is scared to vote because she hasn’t voted for the longest time. And that answered the question in my mind, why she looked uneasy. I told her, we were the same. I said, we just need to shade whom we will vote for. I even wrote the names of the senators in case I will forget.

When it was her time to vote, she said goodbye to me. I saw that she was relieved.

I was wondering if she was also feeling anxious like me about the result of the election. I really prayed hard last night that whoever wins, it will be the one that God permitted to lead.

This is the mark that we already voted here in the Philippines, this indelible ink. This is very significant. I never felt this concern about our country. Maybe because I already have children..

Whatever the outcome is, I hope it would be for the good of many.

The Joy of being a Mother

I was 31 years old when I first became a mother. I never thought it would be a gigantic responsibility. I never thought that my life would change big time.

When I became a mom, without any lessons, training or proper education on handling children, I slowly learned how to take care of my children. Every single day is a learning experience.

Every child is different. The way we handle them varies depending on their characters. Sometimes, I see my characters in my children. Something that makes my job easier. I know how to handle it.

I may sound like motherhood is an easy task. Maybe it sounds easy on how I am saying it because I am enjoying the tasks. It is difficult, to be honest. There are lots of changes, physically, emotionally and mentally.

It is hard to put back the body that I once had before. I used to have toned body as I was so hooked on going to the gym after work before. I played badminton almost every night. Now, it is more of bonding with my children, cooking for them, taking care of them. I don’t mind if it will be difficult for me to lose weight.. at least I experienced being toned once in my life. Haha..

Emotionally, I became so attached to my children. That my every action always concerns them. Everything must be for their betterment. I don’t spoil them. I should say, I am quite a disciplinarian (like my husband). However, my thoughts always give consideration for them.

I have said this a few times in this blog.. When I was pregnant with my first child, my father told me that I am blessed because not all women could be a mother.

This is one of the reasons why I cherish being a mother. I live for my children, for my family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I pray that you find joy on the responsibility that God gave you. You are wonderful.

Spending my Birthday!

Two birthdays of not spending with my husband was quite different.. This is all because of the pandemic. I was really not hoping for us to be together on my birthday. I know my husband works miles from us and so the expectations are not that high.

When Singapore (where my husband works) totally eased the in-and-out of workers in their country, my husband grabbed the opportunity of buying the air tickets. He was not able to come home on my daughter’s birthday because the air tickets were still very expensive.

My children and I were so excited to be spending almost three weeks with my husband. The time he bought tickets, I already checked on Airbnb for a house to stay near the beach. We opted to rent a house through Airbnb because it is very practical and we could also select where to stay.

We decided to spend my birthday near the beach.. We stayed there for four days. It was really a blast. It was quite a road trip. We travelled around 121 kilometers from home. We downloaded a lot of our daughter’s playlists in spotify. On our journey, we kept on singing together.

On our way to the beach we passed a road with the spectacular view of the Taal Volcano. This volcano was said to be the smallest volcano in the world.. The last major eruption of this volcano was January 2020.

My children were so happy to finally go back to the beach. We went to the beach last December when their father came home for Christmas. Obviously, we are beach-goers. We wanted to stay in the beach for a longer time.

It was one of our most memorable trips as my children were able to explore. The house that we rented was near the beach but we needed to cross a small river before we could reach the beach. Wow! It was one heck of an adventure! We saw carabaos and cows nearby and some small fishes in the river.

The beach was near the private resorts. We were so blessed to enjoy the beach every day of our stay for free! It was the same shore line as the expensive resorts.

We were so blessed, indeed!

On the day of my birthday, we went to a restaurant near the house. Food was nice.. We had seafood platter. We enjoyed the lunch especially the halo-halo dessert. This is a dessert with the mixture of Filipino sweets with crushed ice with condensed milk.

After our lunch, we went again to the beach and spent the whole afternoon there.

The amount that we spent for our vacation was not that high compared to the experience that we had. We were able to enjoy the beach with no cost. Cooked in the house that we rent. Tasted the famous Lomi (noodle soup) in Batangas. Road trip with amazing views.

It was really a birthday to remember. I will always be thankful.

Sunday Plug Off

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” – Exodus 20:8

I am a Christian and I have known that Sabbath day (whichever that day is, but for Christians it is every Sunday) needs to be surrendered to the Lord.

So I am much aware of it however, for the past few weeks I was so hooked on the sewing projects that I had and so I tend not to honor what I believe in.

My children and I spent the whole week here at home. Though we are just at home, there are still a lot of accomplishments that we had. My eldest daughter whom I am homeschooling finished a lot of tasks. We were so productive in her school and I am so happy that she is learning a lot. Aside from homeschooling, I did finish some of my sewing projects.

My husband will be coming home from Singapore next week and so I was quite busy too washing the curtains and somehow preparing for his arrival.

To be honest, I became exhausted.

Today as it is Sunday, I intended to pull the plug and rest. My children and I had a long nap this afternoon. It was so refreshing to the body. I was not thinking of anything to do at home. We were busy feeding the kittens and teaching them how to use the litter box.

After dinner, my youngest daughter and I went to her room. She told me to watch my latest favorite show in Netflix which is “Get Organized by the The Home Edit” in her room. I am learning a lot from that show and I am so excited to apply those in our home. My children were so thrilled to also do the same in their room.

My eldest daughter got inside and showed me the new song that she learned in ukulele. “Fools rush in”.. She sang it so nicely. She came back to her room as she wants to practice more.

Then suddenly I realized that I miss writing. Oh this blog is very therapeutic to me. My thoughts, my emotions are laid down in this blog. I don’t really care about the statistics as long as I can let my thoughts out, I feel okay. Of course if you are reading this and you find it entertaining, that makes my heart happy too.

I would like to do this often.. I mean writing here in my blog and plug off during Sundays.

So see you soon!

Why am I Different?

This is a question that popped my mind when my cousins were here in our house last week. I have two close cousins whom I spent almost my entire childhood. We were together during fiestas, attended the same high school, did a lot of get-togethers, had a lot of overnights together..

Since my husband and I lived in Singapore for 8 years, we (cousins & I) seldom had a chance to have a get together.. But since I am already here in the Philippines with my children, I thought of inviting them over to have some chit chats just like before.

Both of my cousins married at their 20’s. Something that I never thought of doing during my early 20’s. They had their children during those times when I was still enjoying my time alone. They had heartbreaks.. separated to their spouses.. which made me decide not to get married.

Yes.. I had that decision before. I saw the excruciating pain from my cousins. How they were so affected with their break ups.. How their worlds turned upside down.. How it ruined their perspectives in life. I witnessed those.

Not until I found a guy whom proved that not all men are the same. Then I decided to get married, though my fear was at the highest. My husband assured that he will not hurt me.

My cousins were so excited to be here in our house. Their children are older now and so they could have their time to sleep over. I was excited too! There are lots of things to catch up.

We literally talked until 2:30 in the morning.. We started at 4 in the afternoon by the way.

My cousins were so amazed on the things that I am doing at home. One of my cousins is a teacher in secondary and she was amazed when she learned that I am homeschooling my eldest. I am doing rubrics and all the teacher’s stuffs. She said, I must be very busy.

Not to mention the gardening, sewing, organizing of stuffs.. They were shocked. I was surprised too on how they reacted. I thought it was normal to have lots of things to do at home. However, they are not like me. They give a lot of time for themselves. Submit necessary things few minutes before submission.. I am not like that.

They are telling me that it is my decision to be very busy. However, I could say that this is me.. I have time for myself now. I mean this is the time of my life when I have time for myself doing the things that I am passionate about. It is just that I am not passionate about taking a nap for two hours. Watching Netflix the entire evening.

I wanted to achieve something within a week. It makes me feel good about myself. I wanted to cook nice dishes for my children because it makes me satisfied.

I love my cousins but we are different. I must say, I encountered few people here in the Philippines doing the same as my cousins. Maybe this is how to live here in the Philippines.. I don’t know.

5 Essential Things to Bring Outside for Kids

I am more than excited to let my children explore the world. The moment my youngest daughter went outside to be with us in a grocery store, I felt like she was deprived of going out. Though it was not really my fault but the circumstances, I still felt what she missed.

Now that everything’s slowly going back to normal (and my children are aware of it), they are very eager to come with me anywhere outside the house.

My eldest daughter is about to have a pictorial for her graduation photo and I needed to buy make-up kit for her. I decided to do her make-up though I don’t really know about it. I am busy watching tutorials about that. Anyway, so I decided to go the mall with my eldest daughter. I felt like my youngest daughter would really like to go with us and so I asked her. Without hesitations, she agreed to go with us.

My kids do carry their backpacks whenever we go outside nowadays. I still need to prepare the essential things that they need to bring.

I would like to share with you the things that I am preparing for them.

  1. Water – This is one of the essentials that I always asked my daughters to bring. It’s hot here in the Philippines and so water is a must. My children are also fond of drinking water. Sometimes, even if I thought what we brought was enough, we tend to still buy a bottle of water for them.
  2. Alcohol – Covid is still here. We may not know if there are new variants roaming around. My daughters have alcohol in their bags. I always see to it that they always put alcohol.

3. Baby Wipes – I find this very essential especially when they feel like going to the toilet. I am a bit paranoid because I always ask them to wipe the bowl first before they use it.

Sometimes, I need to wipe their hands also after eating.

4. Small towel – Though we are in the mall, my children still sweat a lot. Especially when they will play in a playground. Filipino mothers put towels at the back of their children.

5. Extra foods – I usually bring some snacks for them. My children tend to ask for something to eat whenever they are bored. Though they rarely become bored, I just need to be prepared whenever they crave for something to eat.

I never thought we will be spending more than 6 hours in the mall. We ate in our favorite Japanese restaurant, bought the make-up kit that my daughter needs, bought some clothes for them, played in the playground and did some window shopping. My children can keep up with those activities. I felt so blessed to be having a husband who provides for his children’s happiness.